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Kid friendly decor in an apartment

When we get children, our lives change with no doubt. We want them to be part of every experience we have, like travelling or go out eating, therefore the kid friendly expression becomes familiar to us. And the change is in all aspects, including our home. And here I not only talk about the nursery room or playroom, if you practice co-sleeping. But also, the decoration of the house undergoes some changes, especially when the little one of the house begins to crawl, to stand up, want to climb to the furniture and finally walking.  This is a process with which we must accompany our children, and the way we decorate the house can help them to develop better by creating a play corner for them or a family area and planning every detail to avoid accidents. This apartment in Sweden is a clear example of how to decorate and at the same time stimulate the senses of our children. It means transforming your hose in a kid friendly one.

kid friendly decor apartment 1

Here they have avoided using many furniture (Scandinavian decoration) and that allows to create a playful space where the rug becomes the protagonist of a chess game along with the benches as pieces. It´s recommended a rug easy to clean or for outdoors for when you have children at home. In general, the furniture should be easy to maintain and durable. kid friendly decor apartment 2

As you can see, the living room has not been transformed into a playground, but the details are what allows the child to explore easily and move freely. This is how in this living room, the choice of the coffee table is important because it will be sometimes transformed into a play element more. Another detail to consider is the use of a storage for children's toys, it can be wicker baskets, under the coffee table or inside a piece of furniture.

The wall art can be an alternative to expose the first drawings of our children as small artworks. Full of color and geometric shapes can be adapted to the color palette of our decoration.

What stands out most of Scandinavian interior design is the use of open floor plans, which is not the case of this apartment that is already small. But usually kitchenettes are available instead of kitchens, like in our house. It is practical for me to see what my children do while I am preparing something in the kitchen.

I love the children's bedroom because of the wall mural with small-scale patterns and the use of wooden furniture. The color palette is given by the same toys, that is, a rainbow that illuminates this room. What do you like the most of this decor?

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Image credit: Bjurfors


  • Candi Randolph

    I love the clean, simple lines of this home as well as all of the green plants! It’s definitely a home where kids would feel comfortable.

  • Janet

    I can very much appreciate all that this home has to offer a family with young children! The furniture and decor is a little too “minimal” for my personal style – I do not mind a place that is happily cluttered – but it is very child-friendly while still retaining a few grown-up elements so it doesn’t feel like a playground that is ONLY for children. It was very interesting to me to study a bit of this style of decor!

    • lacasadefreja

      Thanks Janet, this is a very Scandinavian style, I also appreciate a bit more of color 🙂

  • Lisa

    What a beautiful home. Your pics are beautiful too! Love using pieces like ottomans that provide storage and can be used as a coffee table!