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Life and colors with The Loungeista

The free spirit of Kristin Peters, an Instagram bohemian influencer, is perceived in each of her decorations. 

"I’m inspired by rugs and textiles and colorful handmade objects from all over the world. I like pieces that are unique, have vibrant energy, and tell her unique story. I don’t get the opportunity to travel as much as I like, so I love collecting textiles from all over the world. 

I’ve turned most of my living room into a lounge and that is my favorite spot in the house. I like to have places where you can recline and relax. The more casual, the better." Says Kristin herself. 

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 In each of the photographs you can see the high degree of detail in the choice of each decorative accessory. It is as if each piece has a story and give its own spirit to the entire room. 

That mixture of cultures that can be seen in each room seems to me extremely pleasing to the eye. It is beautiful how she contrasts the shapes of the rugs with those of the textiles on the sofas or the linings of the cushions. The mixture of plants in each room is incredible. I think these accessories are what give a lot of personality to each room, therefore, they feel like intimate spaces with a lot of heart.

bohemian interiors theloungeista 07 bohemian interiors theloungeista 06 bohemian interiors theloungeista 05 Can you perceive how the personality and tastes of Kristin are embodied in these rooms? I dare to say that her free spirit is reflected in the choice of colors, textures and accessories: energy and freshness are perceived. The truth is that this is a style that I like very much. Although having many different colors and textures (with patterns of wavy shapes and on the other hand other angular), everything together has a perfect harmony.

Despite playing with a very wide palette of colors, you get to see focal points that stand out from everything as for example the big picture of fuchsia silhouette and yellow background. This is something that I really like, it is not easy to achieve that in a room full of so much color and textures: a special element stands out. Undoubtedly all this mixture of colors and natural materials, such as wood, achieve a room not saturated but rather harmonious.

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I am a lover of textures and ethnic patterns of different cultures, I would like to have all those accessories, tapestries and furniture to implement in my home or at least in my bedroom! I am sure that losing fear is the first step to achieve a room as rich in textures and full of life as Kristin's. I accept the challenge, and you? 

 Images cortesy of The Loungeista