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Designing your entryway with Scandinavian style

The entryway is a very important space in our home since it is the first place when entering the house, where we leave everything we bring from outside and it is also where we receive our guests. When you open the door to receive them, what is the first thing you will see? The entryway should look good, but the most important thing is that it is functional and that is well organized. What better example than creating an entryway in Scandinavian style, for that reason I give you a list of furniture and accessories to achieve it:

Shoe storage

A characteristic of Scandinavian culture, like Japanese culture and in countries like Germany, is to leave the shoes in the entrance of the house. Whether for hygiene or comfort reasons, it is a habit that we could copy in these moments where the health issue is in the foreground.

We know that, for the routine of going out and coming home to study, work, with the children, shopping, etc., we need a space to put our shoes. Having a shoe rack or storage allows you to save space and hide all the shoes you need to have on hand in the entryway. Another option is to have an open shelf if you have a few shoes that you need to have when entering or leaving the house.

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Source: Adore magazine
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Shoe tray

We want our entryway to be tidy and clean, for this reason, when entering our house, the ideal would be to leave our shoes on a tray and thus avoid making dirty the house from dust, mud, or snow.

The shoe trays are designed to place one or more pairs according to our needs, the measurements also vary both in length and width, some have designs and you can choose any of them according to your preferences.

Shoe tray
Source: Home Decor

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Having a rug at the entrance of our house or in the middle of the hall gives a special touch to our space. For your safety, put a non-slip under your rugs.

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Source: Ikea
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Source: A cup of Jo

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Storage for slippers (if you wear them inside the home)

Coming home after a long day and changing your shoes for your favorite slippers is the most comfortable thing. It is important to have your slippers and those of your family close by. You could put them in a basket, that can be open or closed and with a handle, you can also use an organizer box.

Wicker baskets add a natural touch to your space, which is what we are looking for to highlight the Scandinavian style.

Organizer boxes: They will help us a lot in keeping everything organized, to maintain the Scandinavian style we select neutral colors such as white, gray, black.

We could place the baskets or boxes next to the entrance or next to the shoe rack.

Storage for slippers
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We come home exhausted after a long day and we need a chair or bench to sit down to take off our shoes. Place a wooden chair or bench next to your shoe rack that can be high or low but is comfortable, if you want you can add a cushion as a decorative element.

Bench 01
Source: Su Casa Design

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Storage for outerwear

It is essential to have space in the entryway where to put the clothes when you return home or the clothes of our guests. If you don’t have a closet in your hall or you have one, but it is very narrow to hang these clothes, then the coat racks are a great solution. You can also hang bags, backpacks, etc.

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Wall coat racks: There are different coat rack designs that will stand out in your entryway, choose the ones that best match the rest of the furniture and finishes in your entrance.

Storage for outerwear 01
Source: Toctoc Living
Storage for outerwear 01
Source: XDH

Standing coat racks: If your entrance is wide, you could place a standing coat rack that will also be used to place more accessories and will stand out very well in your space due to the measures it has.

Organizer for accessories

We need a space to put scarves, gloves, sunglasses or umbrellas. Accessory organizers can be mounted to the wall on a shelf. We can also place it on a bookcase or the shoe storage so that it does not take up space or install it behind the closet door (if you have one).

Hangers or parasol holders: Some designer parasol holders come with shelves; thus, you can also place umbrellas, parasols and other accessories.

Organizer for accessories 01
Source: Amazon
Organizer for accessories 02
Source: Femina

Mirror and frames

The mirror, in addition, to be a decorative and functional element, keeps your space well lit. If the mirror is also full-length it will look excellent.

The frame can give prominence to a mirror, so, taking Scandinavian style as a reference, I recommend that the thickness of the frame is thin and in a wooden finish.

Mirror and frames 02
Source: Instagram – Cube
Mirror and frames 01
Source: Pinterest

Frames: You can add a little gallery wall in your entryway.

Board: A small board will be great for writing notes or reminders.

Shelf for small items

We can find shelf designs that have key hangers. These shelves allow you to have more decorative elements such as pots or books.

Shelf for small items 01
Source: Pinterest
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