Our Philosophy

At La casa de Freja, we believe that each design has a story, and every handcrafted work has a soul. Artisans share the passion, joy and wisdom of their culture, in addition to rescuing traditional techniques.

We are designers, who are proud of our Peruvian roots and culture. We design a sustainable home collection that combines traditional techniques and contemporary design in collaboration with Peruvian artisans. Based on the perfect combination of design, tradition and sustainability.

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La casa de Freja’s collaborators

Melissa Heráldez


I am an interior designer and mom of Miranda, who inspires me with all the creativity of the children’s world. I like sharing decor ideas, so you can understand how easy it is to decorate your spaces.

The design is for me not just colors and drawings but much more. It is the expression of our life, the way we express our personality by dressing in a certain way, how we decorate our house or workspace, etc.

I understand design because it allows me to express myself without limits. By painting, drawing, writing as now, decorating, reading, learning, researching, and creating.


Fiorella Madsen

I am a Latin (Peruvian) mom, architect, and lighting designer living in Denmark with my husband Tonny and our three small children: Freja, Thiago, and Tiffany. Here we are creating our bicultural family and home: traditions, cultures, food, and languages of our countries: Peru and Denmark.

In 2011, I left my country Peru for love and started a new life in Denmark. Being away from my country has taught me to value it much more, both its culture and its people. For this reason, our home is decorated with Peruvian textiles and handicrafts, and collections from my husband’s travels around the world.



Grecia López

La casa de Freja_photo_Grecia Lopez

I was born in Lima. I am in love with digital advertising design and I’m a good travel lover.

I enjoy creating compositions that give inspiration through art, such as an illustration, a video, music, or even a handicraft.

I love the idea of generating content with a high dose of creativity, a dash of color, and 100% cultural and inspirational.




Alexandra Saenz

Alexandra-about-blogInterior designer.






José Covarrubias

La casa de Freja_photo_Jose Daid Covarrubias Villa










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