Artisan partners

Our artisans carries their family’s cultural heritage and keeps the history of their regions alive. Each piece that they make is unique, special and different from each other because it is made with love, dedication and a high cultural contribution.

Apu Antasaqa Artisanal Association. 

This association maintains the millenary heritage of weft and warp techniques for the elaboration of textiles, as well as the use of natural dyes. It is also important the use of traditional Andean iconography.


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Emilio Fernández Quispe.

He is an artist and craftsman, born in Vinchos, Ayacucho (Peru). He and his family create textiles, embroidery, altarpieces, Ayacucho tapestries, cushions, and ceramics in their workshop “Manos Andinas Perú“.

His art expresses the creativity, manual skill, and cultural-artistic sensitivity of his region.

Taller El arte de bordar en el Colca

The workshop brings together twenty women led by Vilma Mamani Paxi and stands out for machine embroidery, known in southern and central Peru as maquinasqa. These embroiderers  motifs are inspired by the local landscape, flora, and fauna and refer symbolically to their Collagua or Cabana roots.