A village between cultures: one of the most impressive designs of Casacor Peru 2018

Casacor is a big showcase of curated interior environmemts designed by world-renowned and emerging design professionals. It takes place in differents  cities as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Miami, Lima.

Casacor Peru has just started in Lima, and we were cordially invited to the official presentation. Many decorated environments, a lot of inspiration and the last decoration trends in one place.

From the moment I entered this room in Casacor Peru, I could smell a fresh and relaxing smell, which is nothing more than a mixture of white tea with fig, that is what interior designer Jessie D´Angelo told me. 

village cultures casacor peru 2018 01village cultures casacor peru 2018 02

This design that she has called: “A village between cultures” brings us a beautiful combination of colors and textures of all kinds: from leathers to weaving looms. In each room you can see that mixture of pieces from different cultures that blend well enough. I was able to talk with Jessie D'Angelo and here I bring you all the details of the design.

Hello Jessie, I would like to ask you some questions about these beautiful spaces that you have presented for this Casacor Peru 2018. What inspired you for this design? 

 This project is called “A village between cultures”, it is a space of 120 m2. It is basically inspired by my last trip to Indonesia, where I stayed 21 days, and combines Indonesia, India, Africa and also Peru, northern Peru, the jungle of our country and a little bit of Cuzco. 

 It is a little bit of each place in a single space, under a palette of whites and browns that combine quite well. It is a mixture of seeds, textures, exotic fruits and jungle plants. And I tell you that in some way, our Peruvian jungle has similarities with Indonesia. The idea of this design is that whoever enters the space has the sensation of being outdoors.

village cultures casacor peru 2018 03 village cultures casacor peru 2018 04 village cultures casacor peru 2018 05

 What would you say it has been the biggest challenge you have had when carrying out this project?

 I would say that the biggest challenge has been to achieve all this in 2 months, since normally one needs 3 to 6 months to achieve a good project. We had to run and depended on many people so that everything was finished on time. 

village cultures casacor peru 2018 06 village cultures casacor peru 2018 07 village cultures casacor peru 2018 08 village cultures casacor peru 2018 09 village cultures casacor peru 2018 10 village cultures casacor peru 2018 11

 Could you say that this design reflects Jessie D´angelo? 

 I believe that the spaces I do at Casacor reflect myself a lot. I think I am quite a perfectionist, I really like the textures and the combination of the new with the pieces used. For example, that door that you see there, basically has been taken from an old house and we have restored and adapted it to be placed here. Then there are a couple of old chairs, that if you notice the wood looks old, it looks rough, but at the same time elegant. I would definitely tell you that this space reflects everything that I am, and what I interpret of the places where I have been.

village cultures casacor peru 2018 12 village cultures casacor peru 2018 13 village cultures casacor peru 2018 14

After seeing each space, they have given me the desire to move there! This design has been one of the most I liked in Casacor Peru 2018. That mix of cultures greatly enrich the space, natural textures such as looms, and seeds, rough wood and restored elements have been my favorites.

village cultures casacor peru 2018 15 village cultures casacor peru 2018 16 village cultures casacor peru 2018 17

If I could choose one of the spaces, I would say that I would stay in the bedroom all day. The pastel colors and that woven hanging chair, invite me to stay and read and relax while I eat a fruit.

Casacor Miami is taking place from November 30th  to December 16th 2018.