When a complete house is decorated by children

For those of us who have children, we know that they have an unlimited imagination. Imagine giving children the option of entering a house to decorate each room, do you have an idea how they can transform it?

 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_1 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_2 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_3
This idea came to the real state company Svenska Mäklarhuset along with Beckers Paintings, who brought together a group of children in Sweden, took them to a house, and allowed them to redecorate it completely under the supervision of a interior designer. They were able to  choose the colors and furniture and decorative elements for each space. The house ended up being a huge playing room, and with many details and ideas we could rescue for the decoration of our own houses. Sometimes a little color is need in our decoration and what better than children to tell us how to achieve it.

decoration by children_lacasadefreja_4 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_5 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_6 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_7 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_8 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_9 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_10 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_11 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_12 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_13 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_14 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_15 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_16 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_17 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_18 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_19 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_20

Now imagine getting home and your children or nephews or grandchildren have transformed your home into such a room like these images, I would be more than happy. Did you like the way the house ended up?
 decoration by children_lacasadefreja_21

Source: Svenska Mäklarhuset

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