Designing your walls at home

When we think about how to design the walls of a room in our home, our options are almost always painting, wall paper, ceramics, glass tiles, etc. Nowadays there are different finishes to choose for your wall. Some are very expensive, and others very fast and simple to get a personalized atmosphere.

1.- In every room there is a color that predominates. It may have cold colors: blue, green, black, white. Or warm: red, yellow, orange, brown. And of that color that predominates, we will focus on choosing a color or design in patterns that go according to the decoration and color palette.

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2.- Light colors make the environment look brighter and somewhat larger than they really are. With earthy or warm colors, you can feel a most welcoming atmosphere. If it is white with a touch of black, the atmosphere will not only look great and well-lit but will also look clean. And according to the furniture and ornaments can look elegant.

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3.-Nowadays you can work with painting in a different way, playing with more colors and not painting a single-toned wall, but making a design that you like most.

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4.- The decorative paper or wall paper is a very good option to design your walls. One of the walls may be painted, while the other has a nice design using wall paper. A good idea is to place the design you prefer most on the wall that is in front of the entrance. In that way it will be the first thing that you and your guests will see when entering in that room.

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5.- We also have the glass or ceramic tiles that can be accompanied with another wall just painted to give that touch that makes the environment stand out, in this case in a kitchenette, kitchen or bathrooms.

The important thing is always that you like it, and that this room of the house reflects your personality.

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