Transform your kitchen with boho tiles

Today we continue talking about the use of boho tiles and today let’s get in the kitchen.The kitchen is undoubtedly a special place in the house, depending on whether you like to cook or not like me (what I like is to eat), it is a cozy place and where we meet with family and friends when they are visiting us. For this reason, this room needs to go hand in hand with the rest of the decoration depending on your personal taste. Whether it is a new work or a remodeling, here I bring you some ideas to create a unique atmosphere using boho tiles.

The tiles come in various formats, colors and designs, which offers us endless possibilities to bring life to the backsplash, floors and walls of our kitchen.


This area, in addition to defining the style of our kitchen, protects the walls from splashes of cooking and water. As we know, the color white gives a feeling of spaciousness, and see what happens when it is combined with boho tiles.

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 1

Source: Instagram @terracotadesignbuild

You could also choose tiles in different geometric shapes and lay aside the square format.

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 2

Source: Domino

If you want your backsplash to break schemes, then use different design or patterns.

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 3

Source: Bleucoin

Combining different geometric shapes, you get original compositions. It will be the first thing your guests see when they enter in your kitchen.

Place the tiles creating different shapes, and on those areas where it is necessary to protect the walls from splashes.

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 6

Source: Nicolaj Bo


If you want to give a greater contrast to your kitchen, you can use tiles in a whole strip or a complete wall. The choice of color and design should be complemented with the cabinets and the rest of the decoration.

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 7

Source: Home Depot


Increasingly the kitchenette or open kitchen is becoming the preferred solution for the architectural design of a kitchen, so if that is your case, look at these possibilities. Difference the kitchen area using ceramics with designs, patterns and colors that generate contrast in this area. I recommend using it only here and the rest of the kitchen in plain colors.

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 8

Source: C&S Tile

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 9

Source: Decor Fácil

transform your kitchen with boho tiles 10

Source: Loony

Which one did you like the most?

transform kitchen boho tiles

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