My Scandinavian home, a blog of Scandiboho inspiration

I did not know much about Scandinavian design (or even scandiboho) and decoration until I came to live in Denmark 7 years ago. This decorative style greatly appreciates natural materials and natural lighting. Furniture in wood, textures on cushions and blankets that transport you to a hygge moment. White walls and spaces with a precise selection of decorative elements that enhance their style sometimes classified as minimalist.

If you are passionate about Scandinavian style, the name Niki Brantmark or her blog My Scandinavian Home will be very familiar to you. Niki shows us Scandinavian interiors that reminds us why the hygge concept is becoming increasingly popular.

Here there are some pictures of her Instagram account, which can be labelled as scandiboho interiors that we like so much here in the blog. You can also follow her on Instagram and on her blog.scandiboho inspo 01 scandiboho inspo 02 scandiboho inspo 03 scandiboho inspo 04 scandiboho inspo 05 scandiboho inspo 06 scandiboho inspo 07 scandiboho inspo 08

Image credit: My Scandinavian home

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