Christmas hearts to decorate the tree
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Christmas hearts to decorate the tree: a Danish tradition

The braided Christmas hearts are a tradition in Denmark to decorate the Christmas tree. They can be made from different materials, from paper to crochet. Until now I don’t pass from the paper, but there are so many varieties each more beautiful than the other.

What are the Christmas hearts?

They are two cut pieces that when they are interlaced, they create a heart in the shape of a small basket where candy is usually placed. These hearts go to the Christmas tree, using in most cases the color of its flag: red and white. There are endless patterns on Pinterest and with the most beautiful shapes. They are easy to do, but if you are a beginner or want to do it with the little ones in the house, I recommend you start with paper instead of card paper. I assure you they will love it!

Christmas hearts to decorate the tree 02
Image credit: Creativ company
Christmas hearts to decorate the tree 03
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Image credit: Daily crochet

How was this tradition born?

To answer that question, I ask you first: Have you read the Ugly duckling, the Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, etc, etc, etc? Yes, Hans Christian Andersen not only wrote these stories that are part of our childhood but also made these hearts for the first time. It was around 1860 that he made them and used yellow and green paper to decorate the Christmas tree. It is a 100% Danish tradition.

Nice idea, do not you think?

Do you have any Christmas tradition in your country?


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