Are you passionate about craftsmanship and artwork from around the world?

Are you a world travel lover who needs inspiration to incorporate your global treasures at home?

I believe that each design has a story and every handcrafted work has a soul. If you love global style design and craftsmanship, you will find a lot of inspiration and décor ideas in my blog.

Welcome to La casa de Freja!



Hola! I’m Fiorella, a Latina (Peruvian) mom, architect and lighting designer. I live in Denmark with my husband Tonny and our 2 small children: Freja and Thiago. Here we are creating our bicultural family and home: traditions, cultures, food and languages from our countries: Peru and Denmark.

Living far from my country was the starting point to reconnect with my cultural heritage. I need to recreate a piece of my country at home, through its craftsmanship, colors and textiles. On the other hand, Tonny, my husband, trying to keep his minimalist and Scandinavian style. We can name our style in different ways: Scandi boho, Peru boho, global style, boho eclectic.

You can read a bit more of me, in this post of Wescover 🙂 Wescover is a platform where you can meet artists, designers and their products.

Why the blog is called La casa de Freja?

In Spanish because it is my mother tongue, it means Freja’s house. In the Norse mythology, Freyja is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, etc.

But Freja is also the name of our daughter. Then, the blog should be called now: La casa de Freja y Thiago!


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Alexandra Saenz

Alexandra-about-blogHello! My name is Alexandra, I am Peruvian, I am 23 years old and I’ve been in a loving relationship of approximately 5 years with interior design, my passion. I like to say that design is not a jealous love because it allows you to develop yourself in arts, culture, and literature. You can find it on textures and nature. For that reason, I call our relationship, a relationship of love and freedom. 

Furthermore, writing has always been something that drives me crazy. Therefore now, thanks to Fiorella I will be able to enjoy my two passions together here at La Casa de Freja, writing about what I love: interior design! 



Melissa Heráldez


Hello! I am Melissa, interior designer and mom of a 5-year-old girl who inspires me with all that creativity of the children’s world. I really liked the idea of being able to share many decorating ideas, so you can understand how easy it is to decorate our spaces.

For me, the design is not just colors and drawings but much more. It is the expression of our life, the way we express our personality by dressing in a certain way, in how we decorate our house or workspace, etc.

Finally, I understand the design completely because it allows me to express myself without limits. By painting, drawing, writing as now, decorating, reading, learning, researching and creating.




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