About us

LA CASA DE FREJA was born in 2018 as a global decor platform. Crafts, art, and textile collections were and still are our sources of inspiration.

We are designers who are proud of our Peruvian roots and culture. Likewise, we are lovers of global eclectic decoration and our house is an example of it, which is decorated with Peruvian fabrics and crafts from around the world. We write the blog in Spanish and English to connect with more people in the world and bring them inspiration for a global decor home and a bit of Peruvian culture through its ancient crafts and techniques.

LA CASA DE FREJA is located in Lima (Peru), where we have made a curated collection of fabrics and handicrafts of Peru that you can find in our Etsy shop with free worldwide shipping.

Global decor home

Find inspiration to decorate your global home with art and crafts from around the world. If you like to travel and appreciate culture and design, you will surely return home with artworks, textiles, ceramics, imagery, or woodwork made by artisans of the world. But sometimes it is difficult to decorate your home with these pieces of art and crafts and create beautiful collections that impact and harmonize with your home decor. In LA CASA DE FREJA you find inspiration for a well-traveled home and the last home decor trends from fairs and exhibitions.

Peruvian textiles and handicrafts

We invite you to learn a bit about Peruvian culture through its handicrafts and the craftswomen and craftsmen behind each of the different cultural expressions we have. We share about traditional sustainable techniques in Peruvian textiles and crafts.

We believe that each design has a story and every handcrafted work has a soul.

Our Peru boho style sideboard 02

Our shop: Peruvian textiles and crafts for the global home

Our SHOP offers a curated collection of textiles and handicrafts which are shipped worldwide. We collaborate with Peruvian artisan communities, who due to the almost zero influx of international tourism in their cities and towns, need a platform to connect with the world.

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La casa de Freja’s collaborators

Melissa Heráldez


Hello! I am Melissa, interior designer and mom of a 6-year-old girl who inspires me with all that creativity of the children’s world. I really liked the idea of being able to share many decorating ideas, so you can understand how easy it is to decorate our spaces.

For me, the design is not just colors and drawings but much more. It is the expression of our life, the way we express our personality by dressing in a certain way, in how we decorate our house or workspace, etc.

Finally, I understand the design completely because it allows me to express myself without limits. By painting, drawing, writing as now, decorating, reading, learning, researching and creating.


Alexandra Saenz

Alexandra-about-blogHello! My name is Alexandra, I am Peruvian, I am 24 years old and I’ve been in a loving relationship of approximately 5 years with interior design, my passion.I like to say that design is not a jealous love because it allows you to develop yourself in arts, culture, and literature. You can find it on textures and nature.For that reason, I call our relationship, a relationship of love and freedom.

Furthermore, writing has always been something that drives me crazy. Therefore now, thanks to La casa de Freja I will be able to enjoy my two passions, writing about what I love: interior design!



Fiorella Madsen

Hello! I am Fiorella, a Latin (Peruvian) mom, architect, and lighting designer living in Denmark with my husband Tonny and our two small children: Freja and Thiago. Here we are creating our bicultural family and home: traditions, cultures, food, and languages of our countries: Peru and Denmark.

In 2011, I left my country Peru for love and started a new life in Denmark. Being away from my country has taught me to value it much more, both its culture and its people. For this reason, our home is decorated with Peruvian textiles and handicrafts and collections from my husband’s travels around the world.




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