About the blog

Welcome to La casa de Freja. Mi casa es tu casa. Mi blog es tu blog.

La casa de Freja, as it is written, reflects what the blog is. Written in Spanish as it is my mother tongue, the house that is our sanctuary and our safety place, and Freja who is a Nordic goddess and the name of our eldest daughter.

I invite you to find inspiration in my blog, where I make a selection of the mix of bohemian and Scandinavian style, Scandiboho. In fact, both styles are almost opposite, but at certain point they have also similarities (you can read more in the post here) Here you will also find what inspires me from my country Peru through its craftmanship, artisans work, traditions and color.

I also want to show you how I am redecorating our home. A year ago we returned to our house after a small fire in the dishwasher that cost us to live 6 months out of the house. In addition to losing some objects, not because they were burned but because they were damaged by the toxic smoke. We have been postponing the redecoration of the house, but since I am on maternity leave, this is the opportunity to do so. Both my husband and I decide in common how to decorate it, but if I have to define our style I think it is more bohemian than scandinavian, I can even name it as #peruboho style 😀

I hope you like the content, and that this blog becomes an inspiration for you as it is for me.




Blog contributor: Melissa Heráldez, interior designer.