Collaborating with artisans is an essential aspect of my work as a designer. I specialize in contemporary design, including aesthetics, functionality, trends, and color palettes. Meanwhile, the artisans are skilled in various aspects of their craft, including their expertise in working with different materials, utilizing ancestral techniques, incorporating culturally significant iconography, and creating pieces that are in line with the distinct cultures of each region.

Together, our collaboration ensures that our designs honor both the contemporary and traditional aspects of Peruvian culture. By leveraging the unique skills and expertise of both parties, we create beautiful and functional products that reflect the diversity and richness of Peru’s cultural heritage. Our collaborative work highlights the importance of preserving traditional practices while embracing modern design principles.

artisan partners 03

Emilio Fernández Quispe.

He was born in Vinchos, Ayacucho in Peru, he is both an artist and a craftsman, working alongside his family to create an array of beautiful and intricate pieces, including textiles, embroidery, altarpieces, Ayacucho tapestries, cushions, and ceramics.

His artistic creations embody the rich cultural and artistic heritage of his region, showcasing his impressive manual skills, boundless creativity, and unwavering cultural sensitivity.

Vilma Mamani Paxi

Bringing together a group of twenty skilled women, she leads a team of talented machine embroiderers known as maquinasqa, prevalent in southern and central Peru. Drawing inspiration from the local landscape, flora, and fauna, their intricate motifs serve as a symbolic representation of their Collagua or Cabana roots.

Their beautiful embroidery work showcases attention to detail and unwavering dedication to preserving their cultural heritage. Through their art, they celebrate the natural beauty and unique cultural identity of their community.

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