8 unexpected ways pink color can transform your room

Pink color brings a challenge if you decide to include it as part of your decoration. As if you exceed a bit of it, it will look too much like Barbie's bedroom. Of course it also depends on what shade of pink we are talking about, from a pale pink to an electric fuchsia. And if you also live as a couple, then you have to ask what he/she thinks of adding a little color and if in that color palette the rose could be included. Inspire with this selection of spaces in pink color. I think you would be encouraged to give this color, a chance in your decoration.

Photo: Niels Alhberg - Source: Boligmagsinet

Source: adsensr

Photo: Tia Borgsmidt - Source: Alt

It seems to me that the essential thing is to use pink color, not as the main color, but rather to use it only in details. Carpets, decorative elements such as cushions, paintings or lamps. But if you are the kind of person who likes to experience new things, then you can choose the main piece of furniture in pink. Or even one of the walls, why not?
Use pink color to give contrast to more neutral colors such as black or gray. Even accompany textures. In these images you can see how it looks great in spaces with white or gray walls.
Would you be happy to add rose to your decoration? Or is already part of you decor color palette?

Photo: Karin Lindroos - Source: Boligmagasinet

Photo: Pernille Kaarlund - Source: Boligmagasinet

Photo: Pernille Kaalund - Source: Boligmagasinet