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Why you should decorate with rattan furniture

Have you considered having a rattan furniture inside the house? Most of us use it mainly for the outside of our homes as a terrace, gardens and on the balconies. They have a nice finish and aesthetically they look great no matter what their shape is, whether the furniture has curves or just straight lines.

The rattan is perfect to place it in the gardens or terraces because it is a 100% natural and above all rustic material. Being placed next to nature, we obtain a pleasant harmony of natural material with the plants and trees.

There is also the synthetic rattan (resin wicker) made of polyethylene , which is resistant, versatile and more durable. With synthetic rattan you can find variety of color tonalities that can harmonize with the colors you have of other furniture or decorative objects in your house.

And the variety of furniture design that you can find made in rattan is big as tables, chairs, sofas, beds, chaise lounge, hanging chairs and even lamps.

Maintenance is very easy for either natural rattan or synthetic rattan. You will need a bowl, water, a bit of detergent, a brush preferable toothbrush, soft cloth, lacquer.

Add water in the bowl with a bit of detergent.

With the brush we remove dirt from rattan furniture.

Then moisten the cloth with the mixture of water and detergent (the bubbles) and clean the furniture.

When the rattan furniture is dry, we can apply the lacquer.

Now that you know something more about rattan furniture and how to care for it, have you considered having that furniture inside the house?

Here I show you some examples of how they give harmony to these different rooms in the house. So you also give chance some of them.

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