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A floral composition pattern

Finally, it came the last part of the mural design of Freja's bedroom. Here you can see how I chose the flowers and build the floral composition, and here, using Photoshop, create a more harmonious design.

In the end I chose not to have the realistic image of the flowers, but rather an illustration of them. For that I opened the image in Adobe Illustrator and made a low-quality image copy to have the necessary strokes. Here I made a combination of flowers and leaves with the colors of the palette chosen for the bedroom.

In a new square-shaped file (equal vertical and horizontal distance, in this case 10cm or 4 inches) I pasted the pattern base that I created in another file.pattern illustrator 0

I copied the first line of elements (vertical and horizontal) at the distance of the measurement of the file, it means 10cm (4 inches).pattern illustrator 1

With the complete pattern, I started moving the elements of the center that were not over the edges, so that there were better distributed empty spaces.

pattern illustrator 2

pattern illustrator 3

I chose some colored and one blank backgrounds, and I used Pathfinder to trim the elements out of the pattern. And finally, my design was ready. Now I just need to choose one of these 3 patterns to paint the wall.

I hope to start painting next week!

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