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How to transform your kitchen into a social space

Kitchens used to be a place where food was prepared and very little else. However, that is no longer the case. More recently, the purpose of this space has evolved into one that is more social. After all, kitchens these days are where families gather to eat meals, parties are hosted, and a lot more. This has transformed the kitchen’s place as the heart of our homes. If you want to create a kitchen area* that is more social and inviting to guests, then here are six things that you can do.

Boost the natural light

No one wants to spend time in a poorly lit room, especially when they are trying to eat. It is simply not practical and can even dampen your mood. Because of this, you need to boost the natural light* in the space by opening up the curtain or blinds. You can also incorporate light colors and reflective materials. Make sure you add several light sources for evenings and nights too.

Include some talking points

Keeping the conversation going is crucial in any social setting. For this reason, you should add a few interesting and unique features to your kitchen. This will give you and your guests something to talk about. From unusual artwork to fancy kitchen appliances, there are a number of useful additions for you to consider. And as you have seen in our house, plants are an important element in our decoration and the kitchen is not an exception to add them in.

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Choose the right seating

It is important for your family and guests to feel comfortable in the kitchen. This means that having seating options is essential. There are many ways to add seating into the space, from sofas and beanbags to benches and chairs. It all depends on how big your kitchen is. You could even work with experts, like Creative Design Kitchens*, to create an island. Whatever you choose, it must fit your needs.

Go for open plan (if you are planning a home remodeling)

Your guests won’t want to spend any time in your kitchen if it feels cramped. Because of this, incorporating seating in an already small space can be a mistake. Rather than try to add chairs where they simply don’t fit, you could increase space by creating an open plan design*. This is perfect for families, as it allows conversations to continue, even from in other areas.

How to transform your kitchen into a social space 01

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Don’t forget the entertainment

If open plan isn’t an option for you, then your space needs some entertainment. After all, you can’t host a party, or even a cozy night in unless you have a television, or, at the very least, a radio. Other fun additions you could consider are chocolate fountains, popcorn machines, and coffee makers. Any one of these can make the space a little more entertainment-worthy.

Offer accessible charging points

When you have some guests around, chances are, at least one of them is going to need to charge their phone at some point. Because of this, it is important that you have accessible spaces for them to plug their devices in. For extra convenience, you could even leave them a charger to use. Spare plugs are also essential for plugging in any entertainment your guests bring.

With the tips above, you should have no trouble transforming your kitchen into a more social space.

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