Moving your entire family from A to B

Moving home can be tough. Moving home with kids and pets in tow is even more difficult. In fact, many parents note that moving home with children is one of the most stressful tasks you can undertake. This is understandable. Managing a family under one roof is hard but shifting everyone – and everything they own – from one place to another takes a lot of work. On top of this, you need to consider the emotional wellbeing of your kids during the move too. Here are some top tips that can help you to move you entire family from A to B as simply as possible!

Be Open From the Start

It’s important that you are open with your children about moving house from the start of your journey. Once you’ve decided that a move is right and you’ll definitely be moving homes, it’s time to start getting your kids incorporated in the process. Allowing them to join in with elements such as home viewings can help to accommodate them to the idea. This is much better than throwing a surprise move and upheaval on them last minute.

Get The Kids Excited

Show your kids the new area they’ll be living in. Make sure to highlight all of the fun things nearby that they will be able to enjoy once they’ve moved. You may want to visit local play parks and attractions to give them a taste of what lies ahead. When viewing houses, help them to pick out and visualise which room will be theirs. Start planning how it’s going to look and how they can decorate. Pick out colour schemes, wall stickers, borders and other fun additions that will let your kids put their personal stamp on the space and have something to look forward to.

Be Organised

Organisation can make or break a move. Being organised is absolutely essential when moving with kids, as the less stress you can put yourself under, the better. Book a professional removals company like SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. well in advance to secure help and assistance on your actual moving day. Declutter belongings that you don’t need to take with you. Start packing belongings you don’t use often – for example, occasional decorations or rarely used kitchen equipment – well in advance.

Unpack Your Kids’ Things First

Of course, you may need to unpack some absolute essentials when you first get into the house, perhaps to make dinner to make sure that everyone can get into nightwear and be clean for the night, but when it comes to general unpacking, it’s best to unpack the kids’ things first. This will help their space to feel like home as quickly as possible. Being surrounded by familiar belongings can really add comfort and a feeling of security to this new space.

There really are many things to bear in mind when moving home with kids, but hopefully, some of the guidance above will help the entire process to go as smoothly and simply as possible.