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Our embroidered pillows from Colca Valley

Enhancing Home Decor with Colca Valley Embroidered Pillows

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Peru by incorporating Colca Valley embroidery into your home decor. This traditional technique, practiced by skilled artisans in the Colca Valley region, captures the essence of Peruvian artistry, while adding a unique and vibrant touch to your living spaces. In this post, we will explore the history and technique behind Colca Valley…

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Peruvian inspiration to decorate your Christmas tree 05

Peruvian inspiration to decorate your Christmas tree

Start decorating your home for Christmas in November or December. That is the dilemma for many families, especially those with young children who want to start decorating from Halloween to Thanksgiving and immediately to Christmas. We decorate at home in December at the request of daddy. Otherwise, we would be doing it since November. However, it is always the tree,…

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Design trends at Nordic fair Formland during and after the pandemic 05

Design trends at Nordic fair Formland: during and after the pandemic

Design fair Formland was the first physical fair to take place during the pandemic in the Scandinavian countries. To be more exact, here in Denmark. It takes place in Herning, on the Danish peninsula, just 30 km from my home. I decided to visit it as I usually do almost every year. The pandemic and quarantine have been the reason for the…

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A family trip to the mountains in Norway 03

A family trip to the mountains in Norway

When I search Airbnb, I will not deny that I always select the option that the space to rent has a Wi-Fi connection and all the necessary amenities. But at Tonny’s request, this time it was different, and of the five options I gave him, he chose this rustic cabin in the mountains in Norway. After a week of living there,…

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Halloween light, shadow and color 02

Halloween: light, shadow and color (DIY)

Halloween was the perfect occasion to entertain my kids by painting pumpkins and playing with lights and shadows in this DIY. As they are small, I did not want to draw anything scary but pumpkins with funny faces, a happy ghost, and a castle in the background. The funny thing about this craft is that you build your drawings on levels. That…

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Alpaca, natural colors and textures

Alpaca fiber, natural colors and textures

When you travel to Peru, be sure that you will return to your country with a textile piece made with alpaca fiber. Its natural fiber is soft, hypoallergenic, and is also a durable material, unlike other fibers. Perfect for keeping you warm during the coldest seasons of the year and as fabrics to decorate your home because of the texture of…

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lovely alpaca 01

Boho decor from Peru to your home

This post is very special since it is dedicated to the shop that my mom has reopened on the Etsy platform (La casa de Freja). As I told you before, in September I traveled to Peru for a few days and together with my mother we traveled to Cusco to visit artisan communities. So along with them and appreciating how…

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Beautiful Cusco 02

A short but wonderful trip in Cusco

It’s been ten years since I last visited Cusco, and for me, it is the best city to recharge energy. With its beautiful blue sky (if it is not rainy season, of course) and the kindness of its people, my mom, Thiago, and I enjoyed those four days. It was the 7th time I had visited this beautiful city, and…

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From rugs to cushions to redecorate our living room 01

Peruvian frazada: From rugs to cushions in our living room

I had been thinking a while about making cushions of the rug (frazada) I had. Peruvian textiles always present at home. To be honest, I made them by hand but I was not happy with the finish. I tried to make them with the sewing machine but the thickness of the frazada (which I also used as a rug) and…

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A well-traveled home blog 04

A well-traveled home blog

This summer family vacation made me reflect on the direction I want to give the blog. And it is not that I want to make a change but instead give precise categories so that those who arrive at the blog know what it is about. That is also the reason for the text of “A well-traveled home blog”.Besides knowing that…

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