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Chulucanas pottery, ancient techniques, and unique style

Chulucanas pottery is handmade in the district of the same name, located in the province of Morropón, department of Piura, on the north coast of Peru. These ceramics are identified by the elements they use, such as clay, mango leaves, sand, and the warm climate of the country’s north, as well as the use of traditional techniques and tools from the…

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9 Christmas gift ideas for the global style lover 02

9 Christmas gift ideas for the global style lover

If you didn’t have the opportunity to travel to some distant and exotic country in the last few months, and you have no idea of a Christmas gift for the global design lover, here I give you these ideas. They are traditional pieces from different parts of the world to decorate that particular house corner. Be sure that whoever receives this…

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globein 02

Subscription boxes with handicrafts from around the world

In this blog, we love every handmade product even more if it has a tradition. In today’s world, with new technologies, we have so much within our reach with just one click from a web page. In this way, traveling to have world handicrafts at home is unnecessary. Here is a list of subscription boxes for handmade lovers and global…

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Binga baskets to decorate your walls 03

Collections: Binga baskets to decorate your walls

In most of the decorations of global or bohemian style, a gallery wall is usually highlighted. This wall can be decorated with paintings of different formats and designs, mirrors, ceramics, or as the title of this post, wicker baskets. There is a variety of handmade wicker baskets. But today, I want to show you these baskets woven by the Ba Tonga people…

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A well-traveled home blog 04

A well-traveled home blog

This summer family vacation made me reflect on the direction I want to give the blog. And it is not that I want to make a change but instead give precise categories so that those who arrive at the blog know what it is about. That is also the reason for the text of “A well-traveled home blog”.Besides knowing that…

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Visiting Ruraq Maki during the National Holidays in Peru 01

Visiting Ruraq Maki during the National Holidays in Peru

Today is July 28, a special date for Peruvians as we celebrate another year of our Independence. What a better occasion to appreciate our craftsmanship. But we cannot value our heritage if we don’t have a knowledge of our tradition and the work behind each artisanal piece and the history of artisan communities.For this reason, Alexandra, our blog interior designer,…

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la casa de freja 00

Discover if you are a lover of global style

If you are a lover of traveling around the world and meeting new cultures and traditions, then global decoration style is perfect for you. Indeed you are the one who brings small or large pieces of craftsmanship from each country you visit. Or now, thanks to the Internet, you can buy handmade pieces from countries you would like to see someday. Our…

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Collections Masks with a lot of tradition andes_06

Collections: Masks with a lot of tradition

Masks can create different sensations, could be surprise, intrigue or fear, I think they don’t go unnoticed by anyone. Even for the little ones! They are around the world, but in this blog, we like those that are part of millenary cultures and that have a lot of tradition. And it is increasingly common to see them decorating houses in…

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Easter eggs with so much art and tradition 02

Easter eggs with so much art and tradition

We are already one step away from celebrating Easter, and although each country has its traditions and culture, the design created around Easter eggs has left me speechless. Even in some countries, these Easter eggs are displayed in museums and other countries. Are you interested in knowing which countries developed these beauties? Here we go with the list: Slovenia The…

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Original pieces to decorate your gallery wall 12

Original pieces to decorate your gallery wall

Do you have a wall in your living room or dining room and want to decorate it with the paintings you already have, but don’t know where to start? In this post we gave you some steps to create a gallery wall. Do you want to add some special details to that gallery wall? Here in the blog we love…

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