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Alpaca, natural colors and textures

Alpaca fiber, natural colors and textures

When you travel to Peru, be sure that you will return to your country with a textile piece made with alpaca fiber. Its natural fiber is soft, hypoallergenic and is also a durable material, unlike other fibers. Perfect to keep you warm during the coldest seasons of the year, and as fabrics to decorate your home because of the texture…

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A living room inspired by Frida Kahlo

A living room inspired by Frida Kahlo

Hello! I want to tell you that today I am very excited about this post, since it is a decoration inspired by a Mexican artist that surely you already know, or you should have heard of her. With a deep look and bushy eyebrows, she transmitted a lot of freedom and color through her paintings. As well as part of…

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How to give a spring look to your bedroom in few steps 12

How to give a spring look to your bedroom in few steps

Give a fresh and spring look to your bedroom can be achieved without making big changes. You can start by replacing some accessories and bedding for other colors. If you have a wall in white, off-white or cream this will help you a lot to be able to combine more colors and textures. Here I explain some steps that I…

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Pink and cherry A romantic, sophisticated and fresh apartment 05

Pink and cherry: A romantic, sophisticated and fresh apartment

This is one of the most beautiful apartments I have seen in a long time. The choice of colors is a mixture of romanticism, sophistication and freshness. In this beautiful apartment you can appreciate a color palette in which pink color predominates. I love the way the yellow cushion on the pink armchair, gives brightness. The green leaf cushions prepare us to get to the terrace and find…

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Bring a little professionalism into your home design 02

Bring a little professionalism into your home design

If you are interested for your home to look in the absolute best way possible, there are much worse ways of making sure of that than by looking for a professional look*. Although not everyone wants this kind of look for their own home, a lot of people could benefit from it, and you might be pleasantly surprised at just…

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Frida Kahlo Inspiration board and a collage idea 00

Frida Kahlo: Inspiration board and a collage idea

“Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light. Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing.” – Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo (Mexico, 1907-1954) is recognized in the artistic field but her influence encompassed many more areas such as politics, sexuality and the empowerment of women, a topic that today is very important…

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collage pantone 2019

Pantone Living coral: The color that will light up 2019

We are so close to the coming year and PANTONE already named Living Coral, the color that promises to stand out in any place or outfit in 2019. I must confess that I don’t have anything of this color, and I really don’t know why.According to PANTONE, “Living Coral embraces us with warmth and enrichment to provide comfort and buoyancy…

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convento santa catalina color palette 00

Convent of Santa Catalina and its color palette

At the south of Peru is located the city of Arequipa close to the Misti volcano. Here is the Convent of Santa Catalina or Monastery of Santa Catalina de Siena. Renowned for its architecture and urban landscape, and its characteristic narrow streets and small squares of colors of this small citadel formed by 4 lots, which since its foundation served…

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Color inspiration Autumn color palette

Color inspiration: Autumn color palette

As in children’s books, each season of the year is characterized by weather phenomena that are easy to recognize. Like summer with radiant sun or winter accompanied by snow, autumn with its rains and spring with a happy sun and many birds singing in your window. But not every city in the world experiences each one of the seasons. In…

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