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How to decorate a hygge balcony and not die in the attempt 03

How to decorate a hygge balcony and not die in the attempt

Summer is coming and you’re probably thinking about redecorating your balcony. If so, this post is perfect for you. Creating a warm, cozy, fresh atmosphere that makes anyone feel at home can be your goal for decorating your balcony. In other words, a hygge atmosphere. Although the favorite season of hygge is winter, summer does not have to be left…

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How to decorate a kid friendly living room 02

How to decorate a kid friendly living room

Hello! Today I bring a very interesting topic and especially something difficult for some parents. When I have worked making designs for families, in the majority there were at least two children, many of them in ages between 2 and 6 years old. Their biggest problem was that they did not know which decorative elements could work for them. When…

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Alpaca textiles ideas for your decoration 000

Alpaca textiles ideas for your decoration 

As you well know, including textures in the decorative accessories of our interior spaces is very important, since they enrich them a lot. One of the richest and most beautiful textures in design and shape is the alpaca textile. The alpaca is a high Andes camelid and Peru stands out as the first producer of its fiber in the world,…

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An apartment displayed as a showroom

Great flashes of Scandinavian style and with its necessary texture dose If there is something I love about this apartment is the luminosity that projects from beginning to end. This beautiful apartment that mixes Nordic characteristics with textured tapestries and some elements that evoke the sensation of being of different cultures, is nothing more and less than a showroom. Yes! The showroom of Another…

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