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Atixfortynine The fantasy world 01

Atixfortynine: The fantasy world

Guest post by AtixfortynineWe make cloth dolls with details for children.We have thought a lot about cloth and alpaca toys because they contribute to cognitive and sensory development in children. They also stimulate the earliest stages in the development of children by activating language skills and fine motor movements.The toys follow a Scandinavian style. For example, shades of color in…

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Easter eggs with so much art and tradition 02

Easter eggs with so much art and tradition

We are already one step away from celebrating Easter and although each country has its own traditions and culture, the design that is created around Easter eggs has left me speechless. Even in some countries, these Easter eggs are displayed in museums and also exhibited in other countries. Are you interested in knowing which countries developed these beauties? Here we…

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Peruvian frazadas traditional ethnic textiles for home 01

Peruvian frazadas: traditional ethnic textiles for home

These traditional Peruvian textiles are known as Frazadas, which means blankets or bed covers. But these Frazadas are thick handwoven and heavy enough to be used as rugs. Frazadas are 100% sheep wool textiles woven by hand and hand-dyed in the rural villages of the Andes by Aymara women in Peru. They use old techniques inherit through generations and it…

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