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How to decorate a hygge balcony and not die in the attempt 03

How to decorate a hygge balcony and not die in the attempt

Summer is coming and you’re probably thinking about redecorating your balcony. If so, this post is perfect for you. Creating a warm, cozy, fresh atmosphere that makes anyone feel at home can be your goal for decorating your balcony. In other words, a hygge atmosphere. Although the favorite season of hygge is winter, summer does not have to be left…

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Tips to achieve the dreamed terrace  01

Tips to achieve the dream terrace 

Marcia Lenz is a Brazilian landscape designer who we met during our visit to Casacor Peru 2018. She was in charge of designing a beautiful interior garden in the Mario Bianco house. This interior garden is immersed in a range of sculptures, flowerpots, stones, plants of all kinds and especially has a very special and cozy little corner that gives life to the whole…

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Tips to bring the outdoors inside home

A week ago, I told you about fall season and how you could bring it into your home, and how to achieve it by: transmitting sensations … “What is essential is invisible to the eyes” Do you remember?Nature is a great source of textures, patterns, beauty and sensations. If you tell me you wouldn´t like to bring the outdoors inside your home, I dare you’re…

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cozy balcony terrace summer 9

Bringing coziness to your balcony or terrace

Summer is approaching in the northern hemisphere and maybe you are already starting to enjoy outside in your garden, terrace or balcony. It is your favorite place for summer holidays, where you rest, read a good book, have a glass of wine, make a grill and a thousand of other things. But are you sure that your terrace or balcony…

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