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How to style your gallery wall as a Scandinavian 01

How to style your gallery wall as a Scandinavian

Hello! Today I bring you a topic that will surely interest you, since it is a type of decoration that helps to enhance any room and specially to give it personality. I am talking about the famous: Gallery Wall. If you want to tell a story or transmit your personality through your decoration, then this post is for you ♥Building a Gallery Wall…

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colorful rug decor apartment 03

Swedish mini apartment with color touches of burgundy

Happy New Year to all of you! This is the first post of 2019 and although I’ve been a little disappeared from social network, it was to take advantage of these mini holidays and spent the time with my little ones. I am here again and recharged of energy to take back the blog, Instagram and Facebook. How have you…

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boho gifts for a decor lover

Scandi boho gift ideas for decor lovers

Nothing like having the house beautiful and ready to receive our guests and family. And if, in addition, you are a decoration lover, every detail in your home reflects your personality and unique style. That´s the reason, I bring you today some gift ideas for when someone asks for your wish list or if you want to give a gift…

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My small Christmas findings in the thrift store 03

My small Christmas findings in the thrift store

Since I live in Denmark, I have not had as much excitement to decorate for Christmas as now with two little children that understand much better what is going on. And they love to see the lights, the elves, that chubby gentleman with mustache, the gingerbread houses, well we adults love all this. And let’s not talk about the Christmas…

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A mix of styles in just one apartment 07

A mix of styles in one apartment

If there is something that I love as much as the bohemian style, it is the eclectic style. Being able to give you the freedom to mix different styles, cultures, colors and textures in a decoration, gives you as a result a very beautiful and above all original style, because it is your own mix: the eclectic style. Lately we…

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A staircase that gives originality 01

A staircase that gives originality

In a sumptuous and spiral way, a beautiful wooden staircase with metal railings rises along this apartment. I would call it the heart of the home. Very apart from being beautiful, it connects the spaces of the house in a non-conventional way. Both you and I know that it is not common to find curved stairs in an apartment. Normally…

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How to achieve a Scandinavian Christmas

How to achieve a Scandinavian Christmas (and not die trying)

As we all know, Christmas is a time when the colors green, red, gold and silver are always the colors to use to decorate the house. But sometimes it fills with a lot of colors and repetitive that we get bored of using that classic style. A very fresh and original style is the Scandinavian style. And something that I love very much…

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