Embroidered round pillow Colca Valley 008 – 18″ (45cm)


100% cotton fabric


Round pillow with floral motifs in blue, and orange colors.
It is embroidered with the maquinasqa technique (Arequipa, Peru).

Includes Β a pillow insert.

Our embroidered pillows are part of Colca Valley home textile collection. This new collection has a very special meaning for me since it is inspired by the place of origin of my maternal grandfather. He was born in Cabanaconde, a town that is located just at the end of the journey through the Sacred Valley of Colca in Arequipa, Peru.


18 inches diameter (45cm diameter)


Color Disclaimer:Β Colors may appear different depending on the monitor you are viewing.


Available for shipping in 3 weeks.


Vilma Mamani gathers twenty women, who stand out with machine embroidery, known in southern and central Peru as maquinasqa. These embroideries incorporate colorful designs on each garment with motifs inspired by the local landscape, flora, and fauna and symbolically refer to their Collagua or Cabana roots.

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