Our rugs are 100% sheep wool, handwoven by artisan Emilio Fernandez Quispe.

100% natural dyed colors.


Our rugs are handwoven in treadle loom and using natural dyed colors. They are part of Costa Verde home textile collection. Costa Verde is the circuit of beaches in Lima, a place that I miss a lot now that I live in Denmark. My family lives very close to the cliff that overlooks to the Pacific Ocean. The smell and sound of the sea always remind me where I come from.

DIMENSIONS: 36×24 inches (90x60cm), 59×39 inches (150x100cm), 59×78 inches (150×200 cm)


Color Disclaimer: Colors may appear differently depending on your viewing screen.

Care instructions: 

Dry clean or use a carpet cleaner foam and a soft brush and let air dry. 

Please avoid direct sunlight to prevent color fading or bleaching.



Emilio Fernández Quispe is an artist and craftsman, born on July 20, 1964, in Vinchos, Ayacucho (Peru). He and his family create textiles, embroidery, altarpieces, Ayacucho tapestries, cushions, and ceramics traditionally in their workshop, located in Lurín, Lima.

Don Emilio learned to use the loom as family inheritance and his father’s teachings. When he was 17 years old, he migrated from his hometown to Lima for an opportunity to work or study. But above all, because of the danger, he ran due to the terrorist movements that hit Ayacucho.

His art expresses the creativity, manual skill, and cultural-artistic sensitivity of the artisan of that region. 

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