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Inspiration on Instagram: Design Junkie

​Julieta Tello is an Argentinian that lives in London and is behind the Instagram account Design Junkie. She does an impeccable curatorial work, while she travels around the world contacting artisans and their creations to take them to a more global audience, through their web and Instagram account. And as she says, the most important thing about each product is…

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How did Scandi boho decor style become the best?

Suppose we had to define what is Scandi boho decorative style quickly. In that case, we could say that it is the Bohemian style a lo Scandinavian, or the Scandinavian style a lo boho. When we look at one of these rooms decorated with each of these styles, i.e., Scandinavian or Bohemian, it isn’t easy to find elements in common, but rather…

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How Peru colors inspire me

​It is 7 years living far from my country Peru, I miss almost everything starting with my family, friends and the delicious food, the great view and smell of the Pacific Ocean, my papaya juice at breakfast, Sunday breakfasts, etc, etc. Among the things I do not miss: the traffic of Lima, the gray sky of Lima except in summer,…

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