Our story

La Casa de Freja is a Latin-Scandi home décor brand that combines the rich cultural heritage of Latin America with the minimalist design of Scandinavia. Each piece is carefully crafted by skilled Peruvian artisans, resulting in flawless attention to detail.

We believe in collaborating with local artisans to create products that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and ethical. By working with Peruvian artisans, we are able to support their communities and preserve traditional crafting techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Fiorella launched La Casa de Freja as a blog focused on Scandinavian design during her time pursuing a master’s degree at Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. During her studies, Fiorella immersed herself into the world of Scandinavian design, particularly Danish design, and gained a wealth of knowledge about the use of natural materials and the longstanding tradition of craftsmanship.

During a trip to Peru, Fiorella immersed herself in an artisanal and textile route, which revived her passion for her cultural heritage and ancestral techniques. This newfound inspiration motivated her to establish a home décor brand that would seamlessly blend Scandinavian design with her native traditions. It was during this time that the idea of infusing her cultural heritage with Nordic style took shape in her mind.


Whether you’re looking to add a touch of Latin warmth to your Nordic-style home or simply appreciate the beauty of handmade objects, La Casa de Freja has something to offer. Discover our collection today and bring a piece of Peru into your home.


“La Casa de Freja” means “Freja’s House” in Spanish. Freja, also known as Freya or Freyja, is a prominent goddess in Norse mythology who symbolizes love, beauty, and fertility.