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A short but wonderful trip in Cusco

It's been 10 years since I visited Cusco the last time and for me, it is the best city to recharge energy. With its beautiful blue sky (if it is not rainy season, of course) and the kindness of its people; my mom, Thiago and I enjoyed those 4 days. It was the 7th time I visited this beautiful city and because we were with a small two-year-old, it was difficult to do the typical tours visiting each of the architectural buildings. The same to visit Machu Picchu, but that has another reason. Being one of the new wonders of the world and being located in my country, it deserves to visit it together all the family, that is, Tonny, Freja, Thiago and me.

This visit to the city of Cusco was rather to reconnect with my origins through its artisans and the Inca textiles that it is impossible not to bring when visiting Cusco.

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What is the city where you recharge your energy?

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