About Fiorella

Hola! I’m Fiorella, a lighting designer and architect with a big love for lighting, Peruvian craftsmanship and Danish design. Originally from Peru, I now call Denmark my home. My adventure started at Aarhus School of Architecture, where I earned my master’s degree in Arts in Architecture. Mixing the classy vibes of Danish design with the lively spirit of Peruvian tradition is what I’m all about!

“La casa de Freja” started as my way to express creativity, like an online space where I share my love for Peruvian culture. I show how adding handicrafts can make your home feel extra special. I blend Peruvian craft with the cozy vibes of Danish “hygge” to create homes that feel welcoming and full of different cultures.

In 2014, I went back to Peru for an amazing adventure. I dove deep into the world of crafts and textiles in Huancayo. This experience reminded me of my roots, the traditions I grew up with, and the incredible skills passed down through generations.

At the heart of “La casa de Freja” is a mix of Latin American liveliness and Scandinavian style, creating unique and cozy home décor. I love staying updated on the latest trends in interior design and following inspiring designers like Justina Blakeney and Scandinavian trend hunter Stefan Nilsson.

For me, each design has a story, and every handmade item has a soul, its own special charm. My Latin American heritage is a constant inspiration, adding depth and authenticity to everything I do. Come join me on this exciting journey of blending cultures and exploring design at “La casa de Freja.”