Our master bathroom 2

Our master bathroom

As you have seen in my posts on Instagram, I almost always show our social area, that is, dining room, kitchen and living room. Today I can finally show you our master bathroom. It still has details that need to be included. For example, before the little fire in the house we had two large paintings on the wall of…

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Pink and cherry A romantic, sophisticated and fresh apartment 05

Pink and cherry: A romantic, sophisticated and fresh apartment

This is one of the most beautiful apartments I have seen in a long time. The choice of colors is a mixture of romanticism, sophistication and freshness. In this beautiful apartment you can appreciate a color palette in which pink color predominates. I love the way the yellow cushion on the pink armchair, gives brightness. The green leaf cushions prepare us to get to the terrace and find…

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Peru boho - Home decor giveaway 01

Peru boho – Home decor giveaway

We have a winner: @modourn.color Congratulations! 🎉🎊🎈 I am very happy to reach the 5000 followers on Instagram 😊 therefore I would like to give away these pieces of Peruvian craftsmanship to decorate your home, to one lucky follower. The winner will receive 2 pillowcases made by traditional Peruvian frazadas and a sun styled mirror. Here is how to enter: Subscribe…

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How to transform your kitchen into a social space 01

How to transform your kitchen into a social space

Kitchens used to be a place where food was prepared and very little else. However, that is no longer the case. More recently, the purpose of this space has evolved into one that is more social. After all, kitchens these days are where families gather to eat meals, parties are hosted, and a lot more. This has transformed the kitchen’s…

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So you have found your dream house

So you have found your dream house… now what?

When you find your dream house, it’s pretty exciting. Because most of us will get this vision of what we want in our minds. We all visualize our forever homes. What it looks like, what style it is, the size, where it is – even what the rooms look like. And when you’re finally in the position to buy it,…

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Pablo Amaringo pinturas y visiones de la selva amazónica 03

Pablo Amaringo : paintings and visions of the Amazon jungle

Pablo Amaringo (1942-2009) was a traditional healer or shaman, artist, art teacher and founder of an arts school, born in the Peruvian Amazonia. His works are unique and well known because they were elaborated through visions of ayahuasca and the song of icaros (shamanic melodies). Do you know what ayahuasca is? Here I tell you a little. Ayahuasca is a traditional…

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