Moodboard: Chan Chan, the largest mud-brick city in the world

Without a doubt Machu Picchu is the best-known touristic attraction in all of Peru, and many tourists come to the country exclusively to get to know it. But there are many more archaeological sites throughout the country, and the citadel of Chan Chan is one of them. It is located on the north coast of Peru, was the capital of Chimu culture and is one of the largest cities in pre-Columbian America.

What stands out most of this ancient city, besides its architecture, are its adobe (mud brick) walls with figures in high reliefs that decorate their friezes. Among the figures and forms that can be found are geometric combinations, as well as representations of birds and fishes.

Its location on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, its mud walls, its friezes and the textiles of Chimu culture, inspired me to create a moodboard. Colors, textures, patterns and materials.

Moodboard Chan Chan the largest mud-brick city in the world
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