Bringing coziness to your balcony or terrace

Summer is approaching in the northern hemisphere and maybe you are already starting to enjoy outside in your garden, terrace, or balcony. It is your favorite place for summer holidays, where you rest, read a good book, have a glass of wine, make a grill, and a thousand other things. But are you sure that your terrace or balcony is ready, comfortable, and above all beautiful to welcome you and your guests? Here I bring you some tips to make this area the ideal place for your summer days and why not, also for the rest of the year. 1.-By having a small terrace, always what you have to achieve is that it is comfortable. In this way, when placing some furniture, I recommend that everything is placed next to the wall or corner for better circulation. 2.-All furniture or decorative accessories must be resistant to the outside. In that case, it does not need much maintenance. But enough with an adequate cleaning and protection in case of rain or direct sunlight, if needed. The materials most used are: rattan (natural or synthetic), aluminum, recycled pallets, teak wood, plastic or work on site. 3.-The plants you choose must be obviously for outdoor and better if they are for summer, autumn and winter seasons. So, their leaves will change color and give you a beautiful show on your terrace or balcony. 4.-You can take advantage of the wall and ceiling of your balcony or terrace, by placing your plants there. Those plants that are for shade will be placed at the bottom, so they will last much longer. 5.- Large or tall plants make your terrace or balcony look more elegant and large. 6.-The plants that have flowers can be placed in shaded areas and this corner will look more illuminated. 7.- If you have a terrace and you want to create a more dynamic area, you can work with the level of the floor. In addition, you can play with the heights of plants and furniture. 8.-Lighting is an important element for any part of our house, and the terrace or balcony are not an exception. From ground lighting spots to hanging lamps. Remember to choose warm lights or candles, so you will add that “hygge” touch 🙂 Get the global style Join La Casa de Freja Name Email Address Leave this field empty if you’re human: