How to illuminate your kitchen countertop if you do not have upper cabinets (or shelves)

The trend of a minimalist kitchen continues this year, which means, only having the base cabinets. No upper cabinets and in some cases no shelves. Trends in design and decoration give us many ideas and inspiration, but it will not always be perfect for us, just like in fashion, don’t you think? In our home, we have upper cabinets where we store glasses, cups and small plates. We have no more place and we need them, so as you see this trend doesn’t work for us. But if you, on the contrary, are about to renovate your kitchen and have realized that you don’t need as much storage and you are a lover of a minimalist decoration, maybe this trend is for you. Now, if you choose to place shelves in your kitchen, remember that the accumulation of dust will force you to clean the kitchen more regularly. If you have approved these suggestions 🙂 then we go to the next step that would be how to illuminate the kitchen countertop if we don’t have upper cabinets or shelves. Why we illuminate the kitchen countertop The kitchen is the space of the house where the task of making food is fulfilled and for this purpose, we need to use certain tools and have precision in their use. For these tasks, we need to have adequate and practical lighting. Considering that the general light of our kitchen is already done, what we need now is to choose the task lighting, which means, the light that will help us to better illuminate our countertop when we are preparing the food. This lighting will also allow us to avoid the shadow that can be generated on the countertop when the general light of the kitchen is switched on. Alternatives to illuminate the kitchen countertop When you have upper cabinets or shelves over the countertop, the choice of lighting is more practical and easier to hide under them, using LED strips (formerly fluorescent). Without these storage elements, we must look for other options that meet two main characteristics: that is functional and aesthetic. Because it will now be visible and should be integrated with the general lighting of the kitchen. And if we also have pendant luminaires on the kitchen island or the dining table (if our kitchen is a kitchenette), we must achieve harmony in our decoration. Built-in or surface-mounted ceiling spots The built-in spots are an ideal option for small kitchens or for kitchens with a maximum height of 2.40m. (7-8 feet) The attached or surface-mounted spots are easier to install as there is no need to make a hole in the ceiling as in the case of the built-in spots, but we must consider the height of the spot and the height of our kitchen, preferable over 2.40m. (7-8 feet) Pendant luminaires Pendant luminaries are a good alternative if our kitchen is large and there is no island in the center of it. In this way, we will not have many luminaries hanging from different points of the ceiling. The ideal distance from the countertop to the bottom of the luminaire should be between 75-90cm (30-36 inches). Wall sconces The wall sconces are ideal for small or large spaces, if we have a kitchen island, or if we have a kitchenette. To reduce the number of wall sconces, we can choose those with a flexible arm that will allow us to move and rotate it depending on our needs. The height of the countertop to the lower part of the sconce is the same as in pendant luminaires, between 75-90 (30-36 inches). Wall sconces and pendant luminaires This alternative is recommended for large kitchens, where pendant luminaires would be the main element and the wall sconces would have a more secondary role. The wall sconces could be placed at the end of the countertop and even one at the center of it. It is preferable not to recharge both since what we seek is to take advantage of these luminaries to achieve efficient lighting, ie have the necessary light on our countertop. Are you also following this trend of not having upper cabinets? Happy Monday! Fiorella Join La Casa de Freja Name Email Address Leave this field empty if you’re human: