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Hi, I am Fiorella. I am Peruvian by birth but live in Denmark. Here I have my little family of 4 with my husband Tonny and our 2 small children Freja and Thiago.

Moving to a new country, with another culture and a different language was not easy, but little by little I was able to create my new life and home. The support of my husband and family in law, and knowing people from all around the world here, made this new life more bearable and even funny.

Imagine living in a city of about 8 million inhabitants next to the Pacific Ocean, with a lot of traffic and bustle at almost any time of the day. And come to live in a city-town of 1000 inhabitants! Sorrounded by nature, green, green, open blue sky and swans flying during winter season… for me is a wonderland ❤ While I was stydying at Aarhus School of Architecture, I learned the very essence of Nordic design. And I also learned to appreciate and love it. That’s why in 2013 I started writing my blog about Scandinavian design in Spanish, I wanted more people to know about it. But after two years I left the blog because I did not feel comfortable with it. I mean, I love Scandinavian design, but my essence is Latino/Peruvian.


I understood that the blog should evolve. That I should follow my passion and what I really love that is color, textures and patterns, plants and orchids, craftsmanship especially if it is from my Peru, the story behind each handmade product , work in wood and good natural lighting.

La casa de Freja, as it is written, reflects what the blog is. Written in Spanish as it is my mother tongue, the house that is our sanctuary and our safety place, and Freja who is a Nordic goddess and the name of our eldest daughter.

I invite you to find inspiration in my blog, where I make a selection of the mix of bohemian and Scandinavian style, Scandiboho. In fact, both styles are almost opposite, but at certain point they have also similarities (you can read more in the post here) Here you will also find what inspires me from my country Peru through its craftmanship, artisans work, traditions and color.

I also want to show you how I am redecorating our house. Both my husband and I decide in common how to decorate it, but if I have to define our style I think it is more bohemian than scandinavian, I can even name it as #peruboho style ?

I hope you like the content, and that this blog becomes an inspiration for you as it is for me.





Alexandra Saenz

AlexandraHello! My name is Alexandra, I am Peruvian, I am 23 years old and I’ve been in a loving relationship of approximately 5 years with interior design, my passion. I like to say that design is not a jealous love because it allows you to develop yourself in arts, culture, and literature. You can find it on textures and nature. For that reason, I call our relationship, a relationship of love and freedom. 

On the other hand, writing has always been something that drives me crazy. So now, thanks to Fiorella I will be able to enjoy my two passions together here at La Casa de Freja, writing about what I love: interior design! 



Melissa Heráldez

Interior designer.