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Decorating the house for Saint Patricks Day in 2021

Decorating the house for Saint Patrick’s Day in 2021

We are only a month away from the long-awaited celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. This means you are probably thinking about the decorations that you will use that day and you know that there is nothing like this day, that is painted with a brilliant emerald shade throughout the world. On this day the culture, history, and customs of those…

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Ayacucho tapestries and visiting Artisan Emilio Fernández Quispe

Ayacucho tapestries and visiting Artisan Emilio Fernández Quispe

Emilio Fernández Quispe is an artist and craftsman, born on July 20, 1964, in Vinchos, Ayacucho. He and his family create textiles, embroidery, altarpieces, Ayacucho tapestries, cushions, and ceramics in a traditional way in their workshop “Manos Andinas Perú“, located in Lurín, Lima. Don Emilio learned to use the loom as family inheritance and the teachings of his father. When…

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Valentines Day gift guide 2021_la casa de freja

Valentine´s Day gift guide 2021

* Some of the links on this post are affiliate links. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and lovers worldwide are preparing to shout their love from the rooftops and celebrate it in a unique and memorable way. It is a date to remember that person we love so much and how much they mean to us, whether with…

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Revamping your home in 5 easy steps 01

Revamping your home in 5 easy steps

New year, new home. That will be the main message coming out of many households in 2021, especially after the difficulties of last year. However, if you are eager to transform your property in the coming months, it’s imperative that you equip yourself with the right plan of action. Whether focusing on one room or the entire home, the following…

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Peruvian inspiration to decorate your Christmas tree 05

Peruvian inspiration to decorate your Christmas tree

Start decorating your home for Christmas in November or December. That is the dilemma for many families, especially those with young children who want to start decorating from Halloween to Thanksgiving and immediately to Christmas. We decorate at home in December at the request of daddy. Otherwise, we would be doing it since November. However, it is always the tree,…

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Inspiration board for a bohemian kids playroom 01

Inspiration board for a bohemian kid’s playroom

With the whole issue of the pandemic and children from many countries taking virtual classes, it makes us as parents forget the line that separates the classes themselves from the playtime (playroom) that is also necessary for our little ones. Today we bring you an inspiration board to redecorate your kid’s playroom with a color palette focused on red and green. Red…

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Etsy Christmas gift ideas for 2020 02

Etsy Christmas gift ideas for 2020

There is so little left for Christmas, and what better way to encourage artists and craftspeople than by choosing their handmade gift ideas, which are unique pieces with a lot of spiritual value? Etsy is my platform of choice when directly choosing arts and crafts from the world for my house, especially now that the idea of organizing a long trip…

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La artesanía cusqueña como parte de mi identidad cultural 01

Cusco craftsmanship as part of my cultural identity

As an Andean and Quechua-speaking woman from the Yanacocha community in Chinchero (Cusco), I have always wondered about the meaning of cultural identity. According to Jaime Fisher, it is the sense of belonging to a specific social group it differentiates us from others. All this is shown in the ethnic groups, languages, beliefs, customs, festivals, rituals, and ceremonies, thus manifesting lifestyles and…

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What visitors are looking for in a holiday home 02

What visitors are looking for in a holiday home

What do people look for in a holiday home? Somewhere they can rent out to get away from it all and enjoy the best things life has to offer. Because when you have the perfect cocktail of holiday home potential, you need to hold onto it, and refine it, because it could make you a lot of money in the…

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5 tips to match your decor to your home style

The style of your home should have a major impact on the decor you use to create a stunning interior design. Whether you live in a ranch, Colonial, Victorian, or contemporary style property, using the architecture to inform your design choices can lead to fantastic outcomes and spectacular interior design. With this in mind, take a look at these top…

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