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3 types of blankets to enjoy this autumn 06

3 types of blankets to enjoy this autumn

For a Sunday movie, on a rainy afternoon, or just to give a warm look to your living room, there is only one element that can completely change the image of this space and even the feeling of comfort in it: A blanket. It may seem insignificant, but it makes a huge difference! There are several types of blankets, but…

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Alpaca, natural colors and textures

Alpaca fiber, natural colors and textures

When you travel to Peru, be sure that you will return to your country with a textile piece made with alpaca fiber. Its natural fiber is soft, hypoallergenic, and is also a durable material, unlike other fibers. Perfect for keeping you warm during the coldest seasons of the year and as fabrics to decorate your home because of the texture of…

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Alpaca textiles ideas for your decoration 000

Alpaca textiles ideas for your decoration 

As you well know, including textures in the decorative accessories of our interior spaces is very important, since they enrich them a lot. One of the richest and most beautiful textures in design and shape is the alpaca textile. The alpaca is a high Andes camelid and Peru stands out as the first producer of its fiber in the world,…

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