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3 types of blankets to enjoy this autumn 06

3 types of blankets to enjoy this autumn

For a Sunday movie, on a rainy afternoon, or just to give a warm look to your living room, there is only one element that can completely change the image of this space and even the feeling of comfort in it: A blanket. It may seem insignificant, but it makes a huge difference! There are several types of blankets, but…

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How we received this autumn at home

I’m not particularly eager to change to very sober or opaque colors at home because the weather in Denmark during autumn is gloomy. Gray days, rains, and winds characterize this year’s season in this part of the world. So, in addition to not forgetting to take my vitamin D (primarily if you emigrate from a country in the southern hemisphere to the…

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Color inspiration Autumn color palette

Color inspiration: Autumn color palette

As in children’s books, each season of the year is characterized by weather phenomena that are easy to recognize. Like summer with radiant sun or winter accompanied by snow, autumn with its rains and spring with a happy sun and many birds singing in your window. But not every city in the world experiences each one of the seasons. In…

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