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Etsy decorative items for May 2019 02

My favorite Etsy decorative items for spring 2019

This week I was searching in ETSY and I was pleasantly surprised to find decorative items that I loved! Among them a beautiful pillow of The little prince, as you know is one of my favorite books, so I was breathless to see it. I am sure that you will like many of these accessories as much as I do,…

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The Caravaggio lamp, design and inspiration by Cecilie Manz 05

The Caravaggio lamp, design and inspiration by Cecilie Manz

Cecilie Manz is one of the contemporary Danish designers who inspire me the most. Because of the sensitivity with which she shapes and brings her ideas to reality, and for all that Scandinavian cultural baggage that is embodied in designs such as the Caravaggio lamp.She has collaborated with different brands such as Fritz Hansen, Bang & Olufsen or Duravit. In…

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​ Why do we like the Panton chair so much?

​Who has not seen the Panton chair in decor magazines, stores or restaurants? Or you may even have one in your house. In addition to the classic chair, there are the kids version and the miniature, so that everyone can enjoy this comfortable chair created in one piece. The Panton chair is undoubtedly an icon of modern design, and due…

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