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Scandi boho interiors: wall paper and natural materials

There are several decor ideas that we can rescue from this Scandi boho style apartment, located in Sweden. Don´t you think?What I like most:Breaking with the gray-white color palette, using colors such as pink and emerald. Roses and grays on the cushions, both for the living room and the bedroom bed, and adding patterns in some cases, without exaggerating.What stands…

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How did Scandi boho decor style become the best?

Suppose we had to define what is Scandi boho decorative style quickly. In that case, we could say that it is the Bohemian style a lo Scandinavian, or the Scandinavian style a lo boho. When we look at one of these rooms decorated with each of these styles, i.e., Scandinavian or Bohemian, it isn’t easy to find elements in common, but rather…

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Bohemian style decoration in 10 easy steps

The bohemian style is not in itself a decorative style, but a more personal style since it molds itself to your own history. That is why it is important that the decoration reflects you, with the objects that best represent yourself. Whether they have been brought from your trips or bought in vintage or second-hand stores, or those objects to…

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8 unexpected ways pink color can transform your room

Pink color brings a challenge if you decide to include it as part of your decoration. As if you exceed a bit of it, it will look too much like Barbie’s bedroom. Of course it also depends on what shade of pink we are talking about, from a pale pink to an electric fuchsia. And if you also live as…

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