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Kené Art Across Rooms: Bringing Peruvian Rhythms to your walls

Hola, decor enthusiasts! Today, we’re embarking on a colorful journey that fuses the vibrant rhythms of Latin America. Our destination? The captivating world of Kené art from Peru, and how it can breathe life into your living spaces. Let’s explore how to infuse your rooms with the magic energy of Kené art! Originating from the Shipibo-Conibo people of the Peruvian…

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Baby alpaca throw 3

Luxurious Comfort: Knitted Baby Alpaca Throws from Puno

There is something undeniably comforting about wrapping yourself in a soft, warm throw on a chilly evening. And when it comes to the epitome of luxury and coziness, nothing surpasses a knitted throw made from baby alpaca wool. Handcrafted with care and skill in Puno, Peru, are not only visually stunning but also offer unrivaled warmth and comfort. A Natural…

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La artesanía cusqueña como parte de mi identidad cultural 01

Cusco craftsmanship as part of my cultural identity

As an Andean and Quechua-speaking woman from the Yanacocha community in Chinchero (Cusco), I have always wondered about the meaning of cultural identity. According to Jaime Fisher, it is the sense of belonging to a specific social group it differentiates us from others. All this is shown in the ethnic groups, languages, beliefs, customs, festivals, rituals, and ceremonies, thus manifesting lifestyles and…

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Collections Masks with a lot of tradition andes_06

Collections: Masks with a lot of tradition

Masks can create different sensations, could be surprise, intrigue or fear, I think they don’t go unnoticed by anyone. Even for the little ones! They are around the world, but in this blog, we like those that are part of millenary cultures and that have a lot of tradition. And it is increasingly common to see them decorating houses in…

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Easter eggs with so much art and tradition 02

Easter eggs with so much art and tradition

We are already one step away from celebrating Easter, and although each country has its traditions and culture, the design created around Easter eggs has left me speechless. Even in some countries, these Easter eggs are displayed in museums and other countries. Are you interested in knowing which countries developed these beauties? Here we go with the list: Slovenia The…

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Almudena Home, the furniture line of Las polleras de Agus 01

Almudena Home, the furniture line inspired by Peruvian embroidery

Today I bring you a very special post. Some time ago I got to know the work of “Las Polleras de Agus” and I think it is a very nice project inspired by Peruvian handwoven textiles. Griela and Jhasmine Pérez are the ones who give life to this spectacular line of unique designs!  Griela is a talented entrepreneur from Cusco, graphic designer by…

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For the most romantic people Say I do in Peru 01

For the most romantic people: Say I do in Peru

If you are a romantic and lover of thematic decoration, this post is for you. I’m talking about a Peruvian-themed wedding! And the best, in Peru itself. Maybe it sounds a little crazy and hard to believe, especially because planning a wedding in another country should require a little (really, quite) difficult logistics.Wendy is a Peruvian resident in the US…

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Torito de Pucará, from the Andean ritual to our homes 04

Torito de Pucará, from the Andean ritual to our homes

The “Torito de Pucará” is a symbol of the Andean culture, known as qonopa or illa, which was used in rituals. Then it became a totem symbolizing protection, it is very common to see it in the highest part of the roofs of houses and businesses in Puno. It is also a symbol of happiness in marriage and fertility at…

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Peruvian frazadas: traditional ethnic textiles for home

These traditional Peruvian textiles are called Frazadas, which means blankets or bed covers. But these Frazadas are thick handwoven, and heavy enough to be used as rugs. Frazadas are 100% sheep wool textiles woven by hand and hand-dyed in the rural villages of the Andes by Aymara women in Peru. They use old techniques inherited through generations; it takes weeks to…

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