How I made Freja´s nursery room mural

For my little Freja I prepared her nursery room as best I could, and for a moment I thought about using wallpaper for one of the walls. I was looking for something inspired by animals from the Peruvian jungle, but I did not find any exactly what I had in mind. So I decided to do it myself, by putting together a collage of animals images, all in a tree.

frejas nursery room wall decor

The most difficult part was to choose a color palette that included the color red. Maybe you will think, but what madness! Why that color? It's not a color that's used a lot in nursery rooms, I know. What happens is that by then, our curtains and closets were red (by my husband's choice, not mine ?). And what it would be Freja's nursery room, at that time, had the closet and curtains in red passion color.

So I had to find a suitable color palette and finally I decided on a palette in pink, red, blue and turquoise. A unisex combination. Although now when I think about it, I would have chosen between a red, pink and gray, or a red with a pastel green and cream, that I saw recently on Instagram. That's why the animals in my mural do not have their own colors but instead I played with the colors of my palette.
I found very good images, below you will find the links, and use Photoshop to build the tree and scale each animal. Then I took our projector and drew it to the wall.
Now this room belongs to my husband and me, and Freja is in another bedroom, well her playroom. I am fond of the mural, but I know that at some point we will have to paint on it or use a wallpaper to redecorate the bedroom for adults.
Have you made any DIY for your baby's nursery room? Or would you like to do it?

freja nursery room mural animals

  1. Mono y árbol
  2. Oso de anteojos
  3. Oso perezoso
  4. Gallito de las rocas
  5. Otorongo
  6. Papagayo
  7. Tucán