peruvian orchids

12 types of Peruvian orchids you will love

There are around 30,000 species of orchids in the world. That is a lot! I do not know the names of the existing types; I only know that I love them ♥ I think you can tell if you look at my Instagram account. With its colors and delicate shape, it is a beautiful flower. In Peru, more than 3,000 types of orchids grow since we have regions with a cloudy forest ecosystem, ideal for its growth. Here I will show you only 12 of them that I like very much. I would need a whole blog to show the beauty of each of them. Do you have one at home?

cattleya iricolor

Cattleya iricolor

cattleya luteola

Cattleya luteola

cattleya maxima

Cattleya maxima

cattleya mooreana

Cattleya mooreana

cattleya rex ayacucho

Cattleya rex from Ayacucho (Peru)

cattleya rex moyobamba

Cattleya rex from Moyobamba (Peru)

cattleya violacea

Cattleya violacea

phragmipedium (kovachii x schlimii)

Phragmipedium (kovachii x schlimii)

phragmipedium (kovachii x wallisii)

Phragmipedium (kovachii x wallisii)

phragmipedium cardinale

Phragmipedium cardinale

phragmipedium kovachii

Phragmipedium kovachii

Source: Peruflora