Scandi boho interiors: wall paper and natural materials

There are several decor ideas that we can rescue from this Scandi boho style apartment, located in Sweden. Don´t you think?

What I like most:

Breaking with the gray-white color palette, using colors such as pink and emerald. Roses and grays on the cushions, both for the living room and the bedroom bed, and adding patterns in some cases, without exaggerating.

What stands out is the beautiful mural of the dining room in emerald green and with patterns. In that way the dining room is virtually separated from the living room by the columns and the mural enveloping the whole room. We can clearly see, this is the dining room and there the living room, despite not being a very large social area.

I also like the pendant lamps for living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom of this scandi boho apartment. Each one providing the right light for each room, such as the Eos lamp of Vita brand. This lamp seems ideal for a bedroom because of the material and the effect of soft and warm light that it gives.

What I do not like are the wall lamps in the bedroom. In my opinion, they are not functional if for example we want to read at night, without disturbing our partner with the intensity of light. A dimmer could be used in any case.

What more decor ideas does this apartment give you?

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Via: Alvhem