Girl bedroom moodboard – boho decor

Since we are soon to buy the new bed for Freja, it is time to redecorate her bedroom and move some furniture to what Thiago’s bedroom will be. As Freja grows, her interests change too. For example, before she used her little table a lot, while now prefers to use the dining table to draw or paint. Instead, her tipi is still her favorite place to play with her stuffed animals. She doesn´t play with her kitchen anymore and prefers to play with Lego.Before starting to put together the moodboard, I tried asking her what she liked, but she likes everything 😀 Anyway, as her mom, I know what she prefers when it comes to colors, games and activities. That is why I chose her favorite color: pink, along with an aquamarine hue since she likes the sea, and her astrology element is water. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals and Lego. And as for activities, most of them are outdoors.

So, with the colors chosen, I choose the furniture that best suits her games and toys. The decorative details in harmony with the colors of the moodboard, and as I like the bohemian style, was a plus that I gave with decorative elements, such as the macrame wall hanging and the Peruvian rug.

Now I will begin with the mural that comes in another post. I hope that this moodboard will help you to build yours. Tell me if you liked it.




Night stand

Rug (frazada)


Macrame wall hanging

Llama stuffed animal

Boho nursery prints

Picture ledge