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Pantone Living coral: The color that will light up 2019

We are so close to the coming year and PANTONE already named Living Coral, the color that promises to stand out in any place or outfit in 2019. I must confess that I don’t have anything of this color, and I really don’t know why.collage pantone 2019

According to PANTONE, "Living Coral embraces us with warmth and enrichment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our constantly changing environment".

The Coral is a super cool, warm and vibrant color. If there is something in which I love to use the coral color, it is in my nails. But maybe you're wondering how you can combine this color in your decoration to be in trend. So, in this post I show you the colors that best match the trend color of 2019 and complement it in your decoration. And why not? Also, in your outfit.


Pantone Living coral 01


Neutral colors combine practically with everything, but the color gray and coral have a special connection: Combining these colors you get a soft, pastel and peaceful look that is still fun thanks to the coral tone. Let's say that the gray gives a touch of serenity. 

Light blue

Pantone Living coral 02


The color of the sky is one of the colors that combines perfectly with the coral color. Maybe you also think about the sea and the reefs: sun, freshness and warm breeze comes to my mind when I think and see these two colors together. If you want a fresh, natural and fun look. This couple is a match for you! 

Navy blue

Pantone Living coral 03


 If you want a soberer look with a touch of sophistication, then the navy blue color will go very well in your decoration. Navy or navy blue give the touch of elegance you need to achieve a sophisticated look in combination with the coral color, which will inject energy into the space with small accents of this color.   

Green mint  

Pantone Living coral 04


 This color will allow you to achieve a fresh and serene look. In combination with white you will achieve a space with a free, natural and super lit aspect. In this case, using the coral in the accessories or blankets, will give life to the whole space in a subtle way.  


Pantone Living coral 05


 If you want to give a vibrant and fun impression, the yellow color is perfect for work. This couple is perfect if you want to transmit energy. Remember not to use any of the two in excess, combine them with shades of light wood and neutral colors (like white) and you will not have problems.

What combination do you like the most?
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