colorful rug decor apartment 03

Swedish mini apartment with color touches of burgundy

Happy New Year to all of you! This is the first post of 2019 and although I’ve been a little disappeared from social network, it was to take advantage of these mini holidays and spent the time with my little ones. I am here again and recharged of energy to take back the blog, Instagram and Facebook. How have you started this new year?

Today I chose these interiors from Bo Sthlm because what caught my whole attention was that ethnic rug in burgundy, ocher and black. I’m not going to lie to you that I love these colors, as they contrast perfectly with the gray and white of this small apartment.colorful rug decor apartment 01 colorful rug decor apartment 02

The burgundy and ochre colors of the rug have been taken as the accents colors and is repeated in the living room and in the rest of the rooms. The cushions, the lamp, the chandelier and even those plants with fuchsia leaves combine in an ideal way. Speaking of those plants, does anyone around here know their name? I get the impression that its leaves change color by the season. What a beauty!

colorful rug decor apartment 03 colorful rug decor apartment 04 colorful rug decor apartment 06 colorful rug decor apartment 07 colorful rug decor apartment 08 colorful rug decor apartment 09

If you have noticed, this mini apartment has only 3 rooms: the living room – bedroom, kitchen – dining room and bathroom. A small but perfect space for a single person who decides to live in the city. And living in a few m2 doesn’t mean living uncomfortable and boring, just the opposite. And this apartment shows it, don’t you think? With the right amount of furniture, between sofa, shelves and wardrobe; and the small dining room inside the kitchen. It ends up being a very functional and practical space.

I forgot the terrace! 😀 Necessary, if you live in the city and in a small space. In addition, it is ideal for our “hygge” moments.

colorful rug decor apartment 10

What did you like more about this apartment?

Until the next post ?